volunteers preparing a load of firewood for delivery

Volunteers deliver firewood amidst flurries and rain

ChiP connects people who cannot afford a delivery of firewood with a robust group of local volunteers who cut, split and deliver dry wood. Volunteers have already delivered wood to 11 different households this season.

“Volunteers bring passion, dedication, a love for service and a love of processing firewood, to our fuel assistance program. Our program is only as strong as the community that supports it. And we have a community that is vibrant with people who have a passion for helping. Even people we serve, who don’t have enough financial resources to buy firewood or fuel, often ask, ‘How can I help?’” says CHiP project manager, Brittany Gill.

With the help of generous donors in our community, CHiP alternatively provides fuel oil, K-1, propane, or electrical help, to needy local families. With record high prices, the need has been acute. On average, this season, a gift of $600 will cover the cost of delivery of 100 Gallons of fuel to one household.

“The prices are very high this year, but the generosity has been exceptional too. I am very grateful to all those who continue to support us and all the other organizations that help people meet their basic needs. It means we can say yes when people come to us with a real need. It means I can refer someone to the Ecumenical Council for Homeless Prevention or Stepping Stone or Community Energy Fund, for example, when a household has needs beyond what CHIP can provide alone. Every donation helps and goes right into our community,” says Gill.

CHiP has already donated fuel or firewood to over 180 households this season. Of course, the season is not over yet.

Since 1984, CHiP has been fulfilling its mission of “neighbors helping neighbors stay safe, warm and dry.” CHiP provides necessary home repairs and handicap modifications to those in need. Fuel assistance of 100 gallons or up to one cord of wood is available one time per season to those struggling to meet their heating needs. CHiP services are available to residents of Alna, Bremen, Bristol, Damariscotta, Jefferson, Newcastle, Nobleboro, Somerville, South Bristol, Waldoboro, and Whitefield.

Getting help begins with leaving a message at the CHiP voicemail: 207-677-3450.

Call or send an email to info@chipinc.org to volunteer with firewood deliveries or home repairs.

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