Community Cares Day

Community Cares Day 2019
Welcome to Community Cares Day 2019!

Since 2003, neighbors from across Lincoln county, Maine and beyond have joined together to keep homes safe, warm and dry. We repair floors and doors, steps and stairs, roofs and railings.

In one home, grandparents take care of their young grandkids. Together, we will fix their floor and repair a deck, so the kids can play more safely. A senior needs a cement pad for his oil tank, so it can safely be used and filled. Another senior has a leak in his entry way roof.

All the projects we have lined up for this fall require thoughtful, dedicated volunteers.
The Lead Carpenter makes a plan, orders materials, and helps lead the project. This requires several extra hours of preparation. The Lead Carpenter does not need all the answers. We solve the problems together.

The Crew Leader visits the site ahead of time with the Lead Carpenter. (S)He organizes the volunteers, paying attention to their skills, needs, and site safety. (S)He takes care of logistics like lunch and liability waivers.

Together, each crew solves the technical problems, looks out for each other, and makes the families we work with feel comfortable. Together, we make a difference in our community.
We look forward to seeing you on Saturday, September 7!

The Community Cares Day Team
Russell Anderson, Dru Barkalow, Brittany Gill, Hannah McGhee, Ruth Piper, David Ray, and Kay Whitner

​For more information, email:

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